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Sample Projects:

Authored Health claim petitions including overall project management, feasibility assessment, liaison with FDA, dietary analysis, meta-analyses, and influencer outreach. Petitions authored include:

  • Tree nuts and coronary heart disease for the International Tree Nut Council (Approved July, 2003) Click here for petition.
  • Monounsaturated fatty acids from olive oil for the North American Olive Oil Association (Approved November, 2004) Click here for petition.
  • Unsaturated fatty acids from canola oil and coronary heart disease for the U.S. Canola Association (Approved October, 2006) . Click here for petition.
  • Vitamin D and osteoporosis for The Minute Maid Company (Proposed Rule issued January, 2007) Click here for petition. Click here for the Final Rule issed September 29, 2008.
  • Health claim FDAMA Notification for Whole Grains and the risk of coronary heart disease for brown rice (Propodsed May, 2008). Click here for the petition.


Performed exhaustive scientific reviews whose conclusions were used by major food manufacturers and commodity groups for a variety of purposes including substantiating claims, evaluating business opportunities and developing educational/promotional materials. A sampling of topics includes:

  • Nutrition an immune function
  • Nutrition and cognitive function
  • Nutrition and brain structure
  • Protein and weight management
  • Protein and satiety
  • Protein and healthy aging
  • Protein and cognitive function
  • Dietary fiber and satiety
  • Sugar substitutes
  • Trans fatty acids and cardiovascular risk factors
  • Sugar and obesity


Communicate nutrition-related messages

Author scientific publications:

  • M. Ternus, K. McMahon, K. Lapsley and G. Johnson. Qualified Health Claim for Nuts and Heart Disease Prevention. Nutrition Today 41:62 (2006).
  • Dietary Modeling Shows that the Substitution of Canola Oil for Fats Commonly Used in the United States Would Increase Compliance with Dietary Recommendations for Fatty Acids.  Guy H. Johnson, Debra R. Keast and Penny M. Kris-Etherton.  J. Am. Diet. Assn. 107:1726 (2007).

Popular engaging speaker at scientific meetings:

  • American Dietetic Association annual meeting 2006. “Substitution of Canola Oil for Fats Commonly Used in the U.S. Increases Compliance with Dietary Recommendations.”
  • Institute of Food Technologists, annual meeting, 2005. “Factors and the Potential for Sodium Reduction in Processed Foods.”
  • Council for Responsible Nutrition, annual meeting, 2005, “Qualified Health Claims – the Consumer Perspective.”

Organized scientific sessions:

  • Institute of Food Technologists Hot Topic Session, 2006. “Diet and health still matter: Revisiting the women's health initiative.”
  • Institute of Food Technologists Hot Topic Session, 2004 “Keeping The Food Industry Competitive: Expanding Margins, not Waistlines.”
  • Bursson-Marsteller, 2003. “Navigating the Low-Carb Conundrum.”

Trained media spokesperson:

  • Video News Release for launch of the tree nut and coronary heart disease health claim, 2003
  • Video news release for launch of the canola oil and coronary heart disease health claim, 2006
  • Quoted in Wall Street Journal article “Rebuilding the Pyramid” 1/27/05