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Awards and  





Organizational Affiliations:


Adjunct Associate Professor
Department of Food Science and Human Nutrition
University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign


Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics
American Society for Nutrition
Institute of Food Technologists, Fellow


The Mushroom Council (2002-07)
The California Strawberry Commission (2004 - )
The Folgers Well-being Advisory Council (2007-8)
The California Raisin Marketing Board Scientific Research Panel (2008-9)
Kemin Company, Industry Advisory Committee (2009- )
Medifast, Inc. Scientific Advisory Board (2010- )
The Hershey Company Scientific Advisory Board (2008- )


American Academy of Pediatrics:
Committee on Nutrition, Technical Advisory Group (1986-89)

American Dietetic Association
ADA Foundation Trustee (2000-03)
ADAF Children’s Healthy Weight Task Force (Chair, 2000-03)

American Society of Nutritional Sciences:
Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Health Claims (1993)
Ad Hoc Advisory Committee on Nutritional Supplements (1994)
Membership Committee (1995-97; Chair 1998-99)
Sustaining Member Committee (2010- )

Food and Drug Administration
Nutrition Subcommittee of the Food Advisory Committee (2004-06)

Grocery Manufacturers of America:
Nutrition Working Group (1989-98)

Institute of Food Technologists:
Nutrition Division Executive Committee (1991-93)
Program Planning Committee (1992-94)
Nutrition Division, (Chair-Elect, 1997; Chairperson, 1998)
Hot Topics Committee (2002-05; Chairperson elect, 2005)
Annual Meeting Scientific Program Task Force (2006)
2006 Annual Meeting Theme Leader for Functional Foods
Food Science and Nutrition Solutions Taskforce (2006- , Chair 2012)
2010 Annual Meeting & Expo Food, Health & Nutrition subpanel (2009-10, Chair, 2011)
Fellows Jury, Chairperson (2009-10)
Food Expo Innovation Awards Jury (2010)
Annual Meeting Scientific Program Advisory Panel (2011)

International Life Sciences Institute:
Committee on Diet and Hypertension (Chairperson 1988-89, 93-96)
Committee on Physiologically Functional Foods for Health Promotion (1991-98)
Subcommittee on Nutritional Epidemiology (1993-98)
Food Nutrition and Safety Committee (Chairperson 1994-96)
Human Nutrition Institute, Nutritional Databases Working Group (1993-95)
Program Planning Committee (1991-98)
Board of Trustees, ILSI North America (1998- 2000)

International Food Information Council:
Sugars Committee (Chairperson 1998-2000)
Functional Foods Committee (2007-08)

The Keystone Center
National Policy Dialogue on Food, Nutrition, and Health (1994-96)

National Cancer Institute:
5-a-Day Program Nutrition Guidelines Advisory Panel (1994)

National Food Processors Association:
NLEA Guidelines Advisory Panel (1994)
Ad Hoc Working Group on Nutritional Databases (Chairperson, 1993)
Sodium Taskforce (Chairperson, 1994-97)
Nutrition and Health Committee (1984-98, Chairperson 1998)

Society for Nutrition Education Foundation:
Board of Trustees (1998-2000)

University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign:
Division of Nutritional Sciences, External Advisory Board (1994-99, Chairperson, 1998)
College of Agricultural, Consumer and Environmental Sciences Advisory Committee (1998)

United Soybean Board:
Editorial Board for “The Soy Connection” (2002- )
Board member, The Soy Nutrition Institute (2005)